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LBJ Works Overtime

LeBron James' 36 helps the Cavs tip the Bulls 114-108 in OT and avoid an 0-2 start.

Winners And Losers

Klay Thompson and Ricky Rubio cashed in with big extensions. Others? Not so much.

Clips Escape In L.A.

The Clippers need nearly all of Blake Griffin's 39 points to hold off the Lakers.

Phoenix Rises Late

Isaiah Thomas and the host Suns rally past the defending champion Spurs 94-89.

This Guy Is Jacked

There's excited -- and then there's Clips owner Steve Ballmer on Opening Night.

Friday's Finest

LeBron and Blake Griffin weren't the only guys who went off Friday. Check it out here.

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MVP Watch

The reigning league MVP Kevin Durant is out with an injury. Who does that leave in the race for 2014-15 MVP honors? Read More

The Stars Are Born

As the new NBA season gets underway, check out the five players primed to take the leap into superstardom and make their first-ever All Star game appearances this year. Read More


Injury Report

Image link to Thundering Hurt

Thundering Hurt

Russell Westbrook's injury puts even more pressure on OKC.


All Ball Blog

Image link to How rude!

How rude!

The Kings use a classic TV tune to troll the Warriors' starters.

Image link to Rock it like this?

Rock it like this?

Dirk Nowitzki and his teammates get into full Run DMC mode.

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Fan Night Vote

The Starters

Image link to Not OK In OKC


Is there a chance the injury-riddled Thunder miss the playoffs?

Image link to Worst of the Week

Worst of the Week

How bad was opening week for the Lakers? Let us count the ways.

Inside Stuff

Image link to Saturday, Noon ET

Saturday, Noon ET

The show returns with a star-studded look at the offseason.


Image link to Comeback story

Comeback story

Grant Hill talks with Derrick Rose about his road to recovery.

Stats & Standings

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Miami 1 0
2 Boston 1 0
3 Charlotte 1 0
4 Cleveland 1 1
5 Toronto 1 0
6 Chicago 1 1
7 New York 1 1
8 Indiana 1 1
Rank Western W L
1 Memphis 2 0
2 Phoenix 2 0
3 Denver 1 0
4 Golden State 1 0
5 Houston 2 0
6 L.A. Clippers 2 0
7 New Orleans 1 0
8 San Antonio 1 1
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Field day for the King

LeBron James was clutch down the stretch in the Cavs' win Friday night. Watch all 14 of his FGs here.